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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tis The Season to be Safe

Decorations on the walls, paper everywhere, glue, sparkles, scissors, and solstice celebrations running amok and that is just Benula's office! The weather has been its usual self and we even had snow and ice. It is a beautiful time of year, but the safety issue are many.

It is a usual and tiresome refrain I know but please do not stand on chairs and tables to get to higher levels. Your school has step ladders and/or step stools. If there are no step stools in the school your health and safety committee can make a recommendation to order some. The chairs are not made to be stood on and some staff this year have been hurt as the chairs collapsed under the weight. Likewise with tables, which get used to stand on. When they are pulled to a wall, you end up standing on the edges of the table. The weight is not evenly distributed and they can tip over. A reminder that paper is for bulletin boards only and not the walls. The fire code only allows so much paper coverage in a school or classroom. It is frustrating I know, but better than having to tear it down under an order from the fire marshal.

Janet Langston and I met and reviewed all the health and safety minutes and school inspections. Some clear and definable issues popped out. Clutter and high storage being the most notable. Heavier items and boxes must be stored on lower shelves. Lighter stuff up higher. If it is not possible, have your custodian put in a requisition to have the items secured. Some school's' closets were overflowing, as were various old changing rooms and storage rooms. Have your principal order a bin from facilities. They will come and clean the area out for you for free!

And now a final health and safety message, watchout for low flying reindeer and overloaded sleighs. If you are hit  by Santa's sleigh or slip on a reindeer puck while at work, make sure you fill out a Form 6 and see a doctor. Paper cuts from rapid gift opening need to be cleaned and dressed by the school first aid attendant. If and when the final bell sounds on December 17th, please do not rush to the front doors, but depart through the nearest exit in an orderly manner.
Merry Christmas!

Be Safe!