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Monday, October 25, 2010


As the end of October speeds towards us and the spectre of Halloween looms with the inevitable clean up of egged schools and sugar hangovers beseiging our students, let us remember that inspections are part of this yearly process.
Hopefully your committees have met and the minutes posted as well as being sent to Janet Langston. Part of the process of site based committees is to conduct at least one inspection of the school. It is nice if one was done near the beginning and one later on. I believe a notice to conduct an inspection by October 15, should have been sent by the District Health & Safety officer. The WCB Act requires the inspection to be done during the worling hours of the work site. This means that your inspection should be done during school hours, when the students are in session. If you do this prior to school starting or the end of day, you might miss the hazards that can cause injuries. There is release time for this inspection. Conducting the inspection in the morning or afternoon also helps get a different perspective on the conditions that can cause workplace hazards.
Another process is to mix upp the make up of the inspection crew. It does not always have to be the administrator and the janitor surveying the school. Sometimes it is noce to do a "specialty" inspection. Decide on just a few critieria to survey, intead of doing the whole school. This not only saves time but allows you to focus on items that might be causing reoccurring problems. Furthermore, have new members of the committee do an inspection with an experienced member.
Inspections are crucial for the safe environment of all workers on the premises as well as the students we serve. The information also helps the District Health and Safety Committee look at issues that maybe arising on a district level.
Be Safe.